Sujetador deportivo de impacto medio Armour® para mujer

Estilo n.º 1307196
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Altura Modelo: Talla: Ajuste: Compresión
Sujetador deportivo de impacto medio Armour® para mujer

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Tu sujetador deportivo no tiene por qué ser el sujetador aburrido de siempre. Cámbialo por el nuevo y divertido diseño de espalda, sin sacrificar el rendimiento exclusivo de UA y el ajuste de sujeción perfecta.
  • Compresión: Corte ultra ajustado, de tipo segunda piel
  • Diseño de compresión de UA que ofrece sujeción estratégica para actividades de impacto medio como el ciclismo, el entrenamiento con peso y el boxeo
  • Silueta clásica con diseño de espalda cruzada para un mayor rango de movimiento y diseño con abertura para una ventilación mejorada
  • Banda supersuave de jacquard que ofrece un ajuste firme y a medida
  • Tejido HeatGear® supersuave al contacto con la piel
  • Material que capilariza el sudor y se seca rápidamente
  • Confección con tejido elástico en 4 direcciones que permite una mayor movilidad
  • Doble forro para más protección sin relleno
  • Estilo #: 1307196
  • 87 % poliéster/13 % elastano
  • Producto importado
  • Ideal para copas A a C
  • 87% Poliéster/13% Elastano
  • Importado

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Mín. Máx.

My favorite!

At first, this sports bra was a little bit too tight for my liking, but once I wore it a few times, it got more comfortable. This stretches after lots of wear, just like all sports bras I have tried. I do not do much exercise, but this is perfect for the lighter exercises I do. It is perfect for everyday wear and It is the best (for me) that I have found so far. There is no padding or support, which I prefer. I might order a new one just because it has stretch some (I have had it for 7 months). It is simple and light and very good quality. I got this in black. I am 5'6" and 120 pounds with around a 32 C chest and I purchased the small.

Excelente calidad! Fiel a Under Armour!!!

Súper cómodo para hacer deportes, además la calidad de la ropa de Under Armour nunca falla

Excelente calidad! Fiel a Under Armour!!!

Súper cómodo para hacer deportes, además la calidad de la ropa de Under Armour nunca falla

All Time Favorite Sports Bra

I LOVE this sports bra. It's supportive enough for running and other high-impact activities yet comfortable enough for light-impact activities or lazy days at home. The price point combined with the quality can't be beat. Other sports bras I've tried are either comfortable yet not supportive enough or supportive enough yet restricting and awkward. I have several of these - it's basically the only sports bra I wear. I'm a 34B / 32B and wear a small.


I used to love this style of bra that UA had but for some reason this didnt fit like they used to. I found this one to be smaller and it hasn't is much support when exercising.

Absolutely love this bra

So I am not small nor big breasted but I have enough boob that when exercising they will get in the way and bounce around. I have a very physically demanding job that takes me up and down hills, stairs, driveways and doing a lot of bending, twisting and pulling. This bra keeps my girls right where they need to be. Not up in my face, sneaking out the top of my shirt or tank top and it covers cleavage. It’s snug enough to keep them in place but not so tight I can’t breath, as well as it’s very breathable. I want to stock up on these and hope they don’t discontinue selling because they are amazing, and my favorite bra I’ve bought for durability for work and physical fitness.

The worst bra I’ve ever bought

Bought this one because it said it has compression - bra provides no compression whatsoever and very little support. May as well not be wearing one at all. This was my first underarmour purchase and I’m extremely disappointed.

A little tight for me, but it's very soft when I wear the sports bra.

A little smaller than other brands I have had, maybe I need to lose fat to fit it. The performance of the sports bra is satisfying and very comfortable for me. Anyway, I like this brand and will try some other products.

  • fat...

Uniboob/ Runs small

I’m 5’4” 120lbs, 32C. I wear XS in UA sports bras. This bra was approximately 3/4”-1” smaller in the band side by side than a different style (same size) I ordered at the same time. It was also smaller/tighter all around. It does not have any padding or shaped cups, it is just all elastic. It might work for a 12 year old but not for me.

I've been looking for something like that

Great product, fits well and holds up excellent. This Women's Armour® Mid Sports Bra gives me extra support so running and HIIT is more pleasant & comfortable. it's breathable as well. Size was correct too. i'm very please with this purchase.