Auriculares UA Sport Wireless Train — Edición Project Rock

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UA Sport Wireless Train Headphones — Project Rock Edition

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"Project Rock no es una marca, es un movimiento. Es una creencia fundamental que no da ninguna importancia al color de piel, la edad, el origen o la profesión de cada persona. Lo único importante para mí, es construir la creencia de que todos podemos superar y conseguir cualquier cosa. Pero todo empieza por el trabajo que estemos dispuestos a dedicar a ello". —Dwayne Johnson
  • ATENCIÓN: Este producto solo puede ser devuelto si es defectuoso.
  • Diseño resistente de diadema con grado de protección IPX4 para superar las condiciones más duras en el gimnasio
  • Almohadillas UA SuperVent para aportar más transpirabilidad con un tejido ligero, duradero y de secado rápido que se puede extraer y lavar a mano
  • Material adherente en el interior de la diadema y las almohadillas para más suavidad y estabilidad
  • Hasta 16 horas de batería para entrenar toda una semana, con carga rápida de 5 minutos que ofrece una hora de reproducción
  • Tecnología Bluetooth® fácil de conectar para un rendimiento inalámbrico y sin distracciones
  • Tecnología JBL® Charged Sound que ofrece un sonido claro con graves realzados perfecto para entrenar y rendir al máximo
  • Controles extragrandes con acabado premium para más durabilidad y fácil acceso
  • Función Talk-Thru que baja la música y activa micrófonos optimizados que cancelan el sonido para poder hablar fácilmente sin quitarte los auriculares. Opción para silenciar el micrófono durante las llamadas y activar Siri® o Google Now™
  • Bisagras de metal resistentes para plegar los auriculares y facilitar el transporte
  • Funda rígida moldeada para ofrecer protección durante el transporte
  • Incluye: auriculares, funda de transporte, cable de carga, cable de audio, guía de inicio rápido, ficha de datos de seguridad y garantía de 1 año
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Mín. Máx.


Comme toujours un produit Jbl avec un son parfait. La collaboration UA et The Rock a produit 1 casque de qualité. Le comfort des oreillettes est presque parfait. Peut-être un diamètre plus grand aurait été mieux.

Very poor, do not buy

After 6 months the battery life has dropped to less than a third of the quoted playing time. Under Armour say it is JBL's issue, JBL say it is Under Armour's issue, so nobody stands by this product, and it is utterly substandard. I wish I had known firstly how poorly these headphones would perform , and secondly how poorly Under Armour and JBL would perform, prior to purchase. There are far more robust, reliable headphones available than what Under Armour and JBL offer, and other companies will usually stand by their product too. Do not buy. You will regret it.

Super casque, bon son

Très beau casque même si la seule couleur vendu en France est le noir. J'aurai vraiment aimé avoir le jaune ou le rouge. Mais le principal bémol est que le casque n'a pas de mémoire. Donc il faut avoir son téléphone proche de sois pour pouvoir eécouter de la musique. Sinon le casque est de très bonne qualité, la qualité du son est génial, même en vélo avec du vent. Je suis contente de mon achat !

Geweldige hoofdtelefoon

Perfecte hoofdtelefoon voor het sporten niet naar de herrie van de sportschool of het gekreun van je buren te luisteren. Maar lekker je eigen muziek aan en losgaan met trainen. Kussentjes zijn makkelijk te wassen en weer terug te zetten. Zit lekker valt niet van je hoofd tijdens het sporten, aanrader voor iedereen.

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Controls and comfort

Last ones I had seemed like decent quality and lasted a few years. These ones feel like they’ll last longer, on had for a week. Love the comfort and controls/features.

1 Year of Use 6x a week Review

I have been using these almost everyday now for a year, except rest days. I sweat a lot at the gym and have bumped these things off bars and anything I don't realize until I bump into it; these headphones never broke. I feel like I barely have to charge them (1hr30min/day). The sound quality is great in my opinion. The big buttons are one of the best things on these, especially the sound dampener even though I still take the headphones off to talk to people. The bluetooth speaks for itself (no cable) and I can leave my phone in one spot in the gym and walk across the whole gym w/o any breakup in sound. The fit: they're not a massive over ear headphone, but they fit right on your ears. I sometimes tighten them for ab work, but they never fell off for anything (runs, burpees, etc.) I can never see myself using my brothers powerbeats because they cannot compare to these. I was never a fan of over ear headphones, but these I like. Workouts: Weights, runs, high intensity, etc. I don't recommend these for use past 3hrs(not for extended comfort, they hurt the outside of my ears). I really do recommend these to anyone and everyone. When I worked for Disney I wore these to work and the gym. Now I am home in NY and the same thing. Works well in all climates

I Do Not Smell what The Rock is Cooking

I got "The Rock" edition Sport Wireless Train headphones about a month ago as a gift. I was loving them because of the sound and comfort. Had them paired to my Fitbit for wireless sound and they worked perfectly. Three workouts later, the battery dies. So I try to charge the battery with the given usb cord - no light lit up. I tried a different cord and even a different outlet and still no charge. I thought maybe the headphones were bad but I plugged them in manually and they worked still. So it looks like after a few workouts -which included heavy running- either the bluetooth went out or they simply do not charge anymore. Pretty frustrating as I was liking these headphones. Buyer beware.

Best I have ever had

I have had various other top brands and they don’t compare in any shape or form against these... the comfort, sound quality and features are awesome.. I really enjoyed using these in the gym and outdoor running. Will be used everyday and put through paces great thing above the rest is the fact the pads are washable Don’t wait they won’t disappoint!!!!! Well done to under armour and Dwayne amazing

Good sound

Very good sound, fits perfectly. I use them for fitness, even when I bend over, they do not fall off. The mute-button is also very handy for conversation. The battery lasts long. Only negative part is when you take off the soft-earparts to wash, it takes some time to get them on again.

Best headphones

These headphones are the best on the market especially for working out. The only drawback is that the ear cups need constant washing if you sweat a lot. If they get soaked they don't dry in humid climates and stink. Under armour should sell replacement ear cups also.