Zapatillas de running UA Micro G® Pursuit para mujer

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  • NEUTRAL: para aquellos corredores que necesitan el equilibrio perfecto entre flexibilidad y amortiguación
  • La malla superior ligera ofrece una transpiración total
  • El acolchado con espuma situado alrededor del cuello del tobillo y debajo de la lengüeta permite un ajuste y una sensación cómodos
  • Plantilla de EVA de alto rebote recortada fabricada con soporte ampliado para el arco
  • La entresuela de espuma Micro G® de una sola pieza convierte las pisadas amortiguadas en explosivos despegues
  • El patrón de suela inspirado en las de goma ofrece la flexibilidad definitiva y una tracción superior
  • Diferencial: 8 mm
  • Peso: 250 g
  • Importado

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Not true black

I bought these for work because I needed a black shoe. They’re comfortable and fit great. Unfortunately they are not a true black, even though the color guide says black/black.The heel and laces are black and the front portion is a “charcoal grey.”

A little disappointed.

I am an avid runner and very loyal to Under Armour for many years. These are wonderful shoes for comfort especially since I have a wide toe area. However, after two weeks of running in doors on a treadmill they squeak when I walk now. It’s super embarrassing as a trainer walking through the gym with brand new shoes that do this! I am at a loss on how to exchange them for another pair because I recycled the box and packing list. Bummer... I don’t see much to offer for another pair of shoes that are wide either. Disappointed UA.

Very comfortable

They're fairly average bordering on wide for the width which is good so it's not too tight. Extra padding under the heel adds to comfort too. One bad thing, they aren't as breathable as other trainers I've had so your feet get quite hot.

Fits great, leaves me achining

I was pleasantly surprised at the fit, since ordering online is often an issue. But they fit really well. However, the support is terrible. Given the cold and rain, I’ve been on a treadmill for my walking. I don’t even run, just fast walking. My ankles, knees, hips, and lower back wind up hurting SO BAD. They don’t with my old shoes I used these as a replacement for. Just with these. So, now I’m going to give these away and use my old shoes until I can afford a better replacement. Maybe I’ll use my hiking boots. But I can say with certainty, these shoes simply don’t have the support necessary for a pain free workout on a treadmill.

I Love these sneakers!

Great fit, great support, super comfortable. True to size. And...they look great too! Highly recommend.

Very light weight and comfortable

These shoes are amazing, it's like I'm not wearing shoes at all. I have a hard time taking them off when I'm in the house. I love wearing them while washing dishes. I'm definitely buying a second pair.

Comfy and supportive

Present for my girlfriend, she hasn't returned them so they must be good! Wears them on all her running events and tells me theyre the most comfortable running trainer shes ever had.

Great trainers

Despite being a slightly tight fit I found them really comfortable and I love the design. They provide a good support and I love them so much that I even wear them at work .

This shoe is made very low in the back

This shoe is very comfortable (for the most part), fits well and looks wonderful on. My only complaint is I wore them 3 days and I'm choosing not to wear again, they rub my ankles raw. Otherwise, fully recommend

Rubbed my heel raw (for runners)

Not all the reviews I read were from people running with the shoes so here’s mine. Just came back from a run and the fabric in the padding at the back had rolled during my run into a hard crease that has rubbed my heel raw. I was running with pain for the last 2k. This is the fourth or fifth run I’ve had with the shoes and all previous runs were fine, no problems. Thought the shoes were fine. Looking at the shoe, this crease isn’t going to go away so they’re now useless.

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