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Cuando las autoridades sanitarias declararon que se deberían utilizar mascarillas faciales, empezamos a diseñar prototipos hasta que dimos con la protección perfecta para los atletas. Tiene el flujo de aire que necesitas, frescura y el ajuste perfecto para correr o entrenar.
  • Fabricada con materiales UA de alto rendimiento y diseñada para llevarla durante todo el día o cuando estás practicando algún deporte
  • Diseño estructurado que no se pega a la cara ni los labios para facilitar la respiración y ofrecer más comodidad
  • Revestimiento exterior resistente al agua fabricado con un tejido suave, transpirable y holgado
  • Tratamiento antimicrobiano en la capa interior para mantener la frescura en la mascarilla
  • Espuma de poliuretano de celda abierta que deja entrar el aire pero dificulta el paso de la humedad y el sudor
  • Tejido UA Iso-Chill del forro interior y cordones para las orejas que se mantienen frescos durante todo el tiempo de uso
  • Tejido suave y liso para un mayor confort en contacto con la piel que desplaza la humedad de la boca a la capa interior
  • FPS 50+ incorporado
  • Número de modelo: 1368010
  • Incluye una funda de transporte lavable y antimicrobiana, con una etiqueta para que pongas tu nombre o número
  • Capa exterior: 100 % poliéster | Capa interior: 100 % poliuretano | Interior/cordones para las orejas: 77 % nailon/23 % spandex
  • Recomendado para personas sanas para uso diario y en la práctica de deportes
  • No es una mascarilla para uso médico o quirúrgico, no protege ante los virus
  • Si sientes incomodidad al llevarla, deja el entrenamiento, quítate la mascarilla y, si es necesario, acude a tu médico
  • No se admiten devoluciones
  • Puente para la nariz suave y ajustable para una mayor sujeción
  • Cordones para las orejas y paneles laterales elásticos para un ajuste más cómodo
  • Cordones para las orejas confeccionado con un tejido resistente que no se deshilacha para reducir las molestias y evitar las rozaduras
  • ENCUENTRA TU TALLA: desplázate hacia abajo para obtener más información sobre tallas y como medir la tuya
  • Lavar a mano (recomendado) o a máquina en agua fría con un programa para ropa delicada y estirar sobre una superficie para secar
  • La mascarilla no está indicada para menores de 2 años (visita para más información)

Os hemos escuchado y hemos mejorado aún más nuestra mascarilla: más ligera y elegante, pero con la misma comodidad y transpirabilidad.


    El tejido es ligero y transpirable, con una
    confección moldeada para que quede lejos de la boca. /p>


    El ajuste aporta seguridad sin oprimir. Además, cuenta con un puente nasal
    suave y ajustable, y una tira de capa interior para un ajuste cómodo debajo de las gafas.


    El tejido interior incorpora la tecnología UA Iso-Chill, que está en
    contacto con la piel para dispersar el calor, por lo que notarás su frescura cuando te la pongas.


    Es duradera, y se puede lavar y reutilizar, por lo que resulta más respetuosa con
    el medio ambiente que las mascarillas desechables o con filtro.


Utiliza una cinta métrica flexible para medir desde el puente nasal, pasando por el pómulo, hasta el centro del canal auditivo.
Busca la medida más cercana en la Tabla A.


El rostro de cada persona es diferente. Por eso, comprueba las dimensiones de la mascarilla
(Tabla B), para saber exactamente qué medidas de alto y ancho necesitas.

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Used for Pilates

The mask sizing was pretty accurate using the sizing measurements provided on the website. It's soft, comfortable with no pulling on the ears, and breathable for pilates and strength training. I haven't used it for cardio classes. Better than three ply cotton and paper masks for working out.

Long Lasting, Stylish Sport's Mask

I ordered my second Under Armour face mask after my first one lasted me nearly six months after wearing it every day and washing it every week. The Project Rock UA mask adds a simplistic yet stylish touch with the gold logo and bull graphic. I recieve compliments regularly. I love that this mask comes with a carrying pouch, and that it provides comfort around the bridge of your nose while the generic masks fog up your sunglasses and make it hard to breathe. If I need another after the next six months, I am more than happy to buy one again because of the value that this mask also offers.

Wow! Withstood Hot Yoga

I was looking for a mask that would hold up in my hot yoga class. It’s 105 degrees in the room with 40% humidity. The mask stayed on my face without me having to make adjustments. I was able to breathe without any issues, the mask did not stick to my face and provided plenty of room for breathing. Never felt wet on my skin. By the end of the 75 minute class I was overall 100% pleased.

Nice to breathe again!

Most face masks get sucked to your nose/face with each inhale after you begin working out. Pair that with sweat, and it makes working out that much harder. Was delighted to find that this one stayed off the mouth and nostrils for my whole workout! It's nice to be able to breathe again during workouts. I was a bit concerned it would be too small (I sized down after reading other reviews), but after I got moving, the ear loops did stretch and it was comfortably tight, not too much and certainly not too loose.

Very Happy With This Company

I was really impressed with Under Armour’s commitment to strive for the best products. I’ve bought several masks(to wash and use throughout the work week) as they fit so well. I work at a major retailer and need protection from the pandemic. I make a lot of precautionary efforts as well, but I feel safer with these than any of the numerous other masks that I have tried as they are fairly thick yet breatheable. I waited several months to leave a review to test washability, wear, and breathability. They hold up well with hand washing, I gently stretch them just a little to keep them breatheable. They do get a little damp if you breathe out of your mouth, but this happens with all of the fabric masks that I’ve tried. They are so much softer than paper masks, and so fitted around the bridge of the nose and has a shapeable strip inside to shape the top by the nose that has been flexible and sturdy. They don’t fog up my glasses when positioned correctly, and stay put unless I accidentally push them off center. There is a little room inside, and the mask does not collapse when you breathe. It does fit snug around all outer edges of the mask if wearing the correct size. My nose will itch with any mask at times, but hydrocortisone cream will help. I believe that these masks are well worth the money.

Fits my small face perfectly.

I am a 5'2" woman (petite!) and have had so much trouble finding a mask that really actually fits my face and I have to say I am very happy with this purchase. I got two XS/S ones and they really do fit my face perfectly. If you are also a petite lady, I would give these a try. Haven't tried double masking yet with it. If I position my glasses just a little over the nose clip, my glasses don't fog up so that is also great!


I’ve had one of theses masks for over a year. I love the fit or shape the mask covers my face in the right areas and doesn’t feel too big or to small. However the metal for the nose has broke in three different places so I now have to adjust for that. The first break happened within 6 months the other two with in 9. The ear loops have no structure at all and stretch out so you have to make adjustments for that so it fits on your face correctly again. For the cost of this item these issues shouldn’t happen. They rushed these products out when Covid hit and they haven’t bothered to redesign them. Edited: I had to changed the wording about the price because they say I said specifically the price which I did not.

Great for both athletic and daily use

I've been through a lot of different masks over the past year, and I've found these to be the best I've used. I started up snowboarding again this past winter, and I had the issue of my usual cotton masks actually freezing if I took them off for a second to get a fresh breath while I was on the lift. I have a lot of under armour products that I wear regularly, so I figured I'd give these a shot. First off, I didn't have the freezing issue on the mountain, so that was an excellent thing. Secondly, I found these to be exceptionally comfortable, so I started wearing them everywhere, from grocery shopping, to being out in the public. During the warmer months, I ride bmx, so I'm usually in proximity of other people during the ride from one place to the next, so I'll wear mine as I ride. I have no issues breathing while I'm pedaling around and working up a sweat/breathing heavier. The only issue I have, is with the for around my nose. My sunglasses will fog up because of the humidity of my breath. I didn't have this problem in more humid climates (Florida), but back in New England it's a real issue for me. It's tough, since the L/XL is what fits the dimensions of my face perfectly, but it feels a bit too large in the ears/across the face, which is likely the cause of fogging. It's not a negative, only a minor inconvenience, so it's not enough to complain about, just mention in passing.

comes below nose when talking

The earloops feel very comfortable, but this mask is definitely thick and warm. It would be ok for sitting alone, but I wouldn't want to work out in it and it easily slips below my nose when talking.

this mask is way too thick to be breathable

this mask is way too thick to be breathable. and t makes my glasses fog