Sujetador deportivo de sujeción alta con cremallera Armour® para mujer

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Sujetador deportivo de sujeción alta con cremallera Armour® para mujer
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Altura Modelo: Talla: Ajuste: Ajustada
Sujetador deportivo de sujeción alta con cremallera Armour® para mujer

ADN del producto

  • Ajustada: Pegado a la piel, pero sin apretar
  • Diseño que ofrece sujeción estratégica para actividades de impacto alto como running y deportes aeróbicos, de campo o pista
  • Almohadillas de espuma fijas que proporcionan una sujeción y una protección extra así como más transpirabilidad
  • Cremallera completa delantera para quitar y poner fácilmente la prenda que se puede bloquear empujando hacia abajo
  • Tirantes regulables para un ajuste personalizado
  • Forro e inserciones de malla con un detalle abierto en la espalda para proporcionar ventilación extra
  • Suave banda que capilariza el sudor con un cierre con gancho para quitar y poner fácilmente
  • Tejido HeatGear® supersuave de doble capa que ofrece una sensación excelente en contacto con la piel y una comodidad duradera
  • Material que capilariza el sudor y se seca rápidamente
  • Confección con tejido elástico en 4 direcciones que permite una mayor movilidad
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Strap doesnt loosen during runs or kick boxing

Such a shame they dont have more sizes in grey! I have 3 of these and its perfect! Easy to get out of. Doesnt feel constricting as other sports bra. And the back! thats what makes it perfect. So many zip up bra have the strap on the shoulders, which isnt the best in my opinion. The straps loosen after some time and you need to keep readjusting and tightening. Not with this model. PLEASE BRING MORE BLACK/GREY back!!!!

Best sports bra

This was exactly what I was looking for. Offers support without feeling restricted. Only negative it runs a little big. Will have to give mine away.

Stays in place

I've tried several zip up bra from different brands. Even from underarmour. But this is the only one where the straps dont loosen with runs. It fits great and keeps things in place during long runs.

Great for high impact

This bra holds steady during all my runs. It allows for high impact support and is profoundly comfortable during my long runs. I’m a busty gal and this holds me in great!

Nice for running

Overall it's good. I bought 32D and it fits well. Its high support is perfect for me since I like running. One reason why I give 4 stars is because of the upper zipper area. UA you might need to consider putting that little cover from the bottom side of the zipper to the upper side too since the zipper fabric was hurting when I started to sweat. I got a little bit of redness which was gone after a while but I will cover with a bandaid next time.

The best sports bra I have ever owned

I did a lot of research online trying to find a high impact sports bra for larger chested women, and this one was the perfect choice for me. I'm a 32DD and bought it in this size as well. The fit is very true to size and provides full coverage of my chest. I LOVE that there is a little safety hook in the middle which makes it super easy to zip up. I usually run about 3-4 miles at a time and I did not have to adjust the bra at all during my run. It's very secure but not tight or uncomfortable. When I bend over to stretch everything stays in place and there's no spillage. If I had to find something to complain about I would say that the straps are hard to adjust while the bra is on, so you might have to adjust them before you put it on. But since it's so easy to put on and take off, I wouldn't call this a real issue.

Wearing this for running

This is a comfortable sports bra, no binding or chafing. Good support!


Love this sports bra! Bought it in my normal bra size, 34C, and it fits very well. I used to wear two medium compression sports bras to hold me in during a run but, as you can imagine, this is much better! The front zip makes it really easy to put on, the adjustable straps are great for when 'that time' of the month makes my chest slightly larger, and I feel supported and held in during high intensity workouts. Only bad thing I can say is that when I wear a top with a thinner fabric the little bump of the zipper shows through, but I really don't care that much about it (but thought some people might? Who knows.)

High hopes ended in disappointment

I have been searching for a comfortable high impact sports bra. I thought the zipper feature would be great rather than trying to pull a sweaty sports bra over my head. Unfortunately, once I started sweating, the area where the zipper meats the band rubs against me and the adjustable straps rub against my shoulder blades. Now I can't return because I've worn them. Complete waste of money - especially right now. So disappointed.

Gift for my wife.

She loved the over fit and performance of this bra. Her only gripe was the sides were a little small for bigger breasted women and she felt the straps could've been a touch wider. But again an overall great product