Leggings con gráfico ColdGear® Armour para mujer

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Leggings con gráfico ColdGear® Armour para mujer
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Altura Modelo: Talla: Ajuste: Compresión
Leggings con gráfico ColdGear® Armour para mujer

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Hemos cogido la camiseta interior para el frío favorita de todo el mundo y la hemos convertido en una prenda de punto de dos caras que elimina la parte rizada, al tiempo que mantiene una calidez revolucionaria.
  • Compresión: Corte ultra ajustado, de tipo segunda piel
  • Tejido de punto ColdGear® ligero, transpirable y elástico para una movilidad óptima y una calidez máxima
  • Material que capilariza el sudor y se seca rápidamente
  • Confección con tejido elástico en 4 direcciones que permite una mayor movilidad
  • Cintura alta contorneada para una sujeción óptima y un ajuste estilizado
  • Bolsillo trasero oculto
  • Detalles de cinta brillantes y gráfico con logotipo metalizado
  • Entrepierna: 71 cm
  • Importado

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Mín. Máx.


These leggings literally slid down as I walked. They work great when it came to providing warmth but when it came to performance they were 0 stars. Run too small and never stay in place as you move like all leggings should.

Waste of money

I have been buying cold gear for years and have never had an issue. The double knit is horrible. I always buy an xl and they fit great, but this xl double knit is small and I've lost weight!!! Absolutely no stretch, definitely not hi rise, constantly have to pull them back up and doing so the seam ripped, the giant pocket makes me feel like my clothes are bunched up, and they dont keep me warm. Under armour failed with this product

Appalling fit

These leggings are completely unusable. The fit is so bad, and that's despite working from your size chart. I'm not sure who they were designed for but there's no way they would stay up on anyone over 5'4". The rise is incredibly short, and you'd be better off advertising them as 7/8ths!! I'm not a particularly tall person, but they were awkward to get on and hadn't reached my knees before I knew they'd be no good. Super disappointed.

Not for running

The pants feel great, but terrible for running. They don't stay up which makes for an uncomfortable run with a "saggy bottom" feel. I am short with bigger legs so they are tight around the calves and just above the knees, this could be why they pull down when running. I have lots of other cold wear from Under Armor and love it but this is the only pair I have that doesn't have the sown in band at the top. All in all great if you aren't using them to run in.

Very Snug, Looks space-y

Not High-rise and leggings are VERY snug compared to other XLs, almost too tight. Fabric feels good although I did not test if they feel warmer yet. Leggings are squat proof. They do not stay up when running for me, but that may be due to them being a bit too tight plus not high-rise. They are compression for sure but don't feel like they stretch as well as other UA styles. Leggings kinda look a little space-y or futuristic to me. Instead of slimming they are more muscle accenting (calves, thighs). For me I'm not sure how I like this as I am overweight, but I do like the color. I'm going to keep them, but probably won't be my favorite UA gear