Auriculares UA True Wireless Flash

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Auriculares UA True Wireless Flash
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UA True Wireless Flash Headphones

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Los primeros auriculares inalámbricos diseñados para corredores. Por eso, han sido reconocidos como uno de los mejores dispositivos de running en el CES 2019. Se han diseñado para mantenerse en su sitio cuando alcanzas la máxima velocidad y, además, cuentan con un diseño impermeable para que no pase nada cuando empieces a sudar. Y, por supuesto, siguen ofreciendo la calidad de sonido JBL. Sin distracciones. Solo velocidad.
  • Almohadillas con pieza de enganche con diseño seguro y ultracómodo pensadas para mantenerse en su sitio mientras corres
  • Tecnología JBL® Charged Sound para una calidad de sonido ideal para el deporte con bajos impecables que marcan el ritmo de los entrenamientos
  • Tecnología Bluetooth fácil de conectar para un rendimiento sin cables ni distracciones
  • Autonomía de la batería de hasta 5 horas con resistente estuche de aluminio de 20 horas de carga
  • Sonido JBL único de alta definición y micrófono con tecnología Talk-Thru & Ambient Aware diseñada para que los atletas no dejen de oír el ruido de ambiente exterior
  • Tecnología Talk-Thru diseñada para bajar el volumen de la música y activa los micrófonos optimizados con cancelación de ruido para que puedas hablar entre serie y serie sin quitarte los auriculares
  • Tecnología Ambient Aware que te permite seguir escuchando música durante el entrenamiento sin desconectar totalmente del ruido exterior
  • Tecnología UA Stormproof impermeable con grado IPX7 para proporcionar la protección contra el agua y el sudor definitiva para tus entrenamientos
  • Funciones de control para música y llamadas con más precisión gracias a los botones centrales de los auriculares derecho e izquierdo
  • Diseño Bluetooth® inalámbrico
  • Incluye: 3 almohadillas, 3 almohadillas con pieza de enganche, un estuche de carga con puerto Micro-USB y cable de carga
  • ATENCIÓN: Este producto solo puede ser devuelto si es defectuoso.
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Queda pequeño Queda grande


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Mín. Máx.

Despues de 4 meses la caja de carga , solo carga un auricular

El producto funciono bien durante los dos primeros meses. Para despues tener que hacer acrobacias para que cargaran y finalmente solo funciona uno de los dos auriculares , los he tratadon con mucho cuidado por lo qual es un problema del producto , estoy haciendo gestiones con la garantia pero son muy tediosas , una lastima..

Issues with performance

The left ear but doesnt work all the time. Wont turn on with the right ear bud and sometimes wont turn on at all. Constant issues with these things. Battery is great but the ear bud issue of them not being in sync is a huge issue


They dont even compare to Jaybirds. And cost just as much

Bon produit, cependant...

Qualité au top, que ce soit pour le design ou la performance !!! Seul petit bémol... ne convient pas aux personnes ayant des oreilles en choux, même léger...

This product is amazing.

I love these earbuds, very good for running and the sounds quality is very clear. The battery life of the case and the earbuds is amazing; I went close to a week and a half without having to charge the case and the earbuds.

Für den Preis definitiv mehr erwartet

Die Batterieanzeige des Ladecase ging nach einem Mal aufladen kaputt (leuchtet gar nicht mehr) Das Koppeln mit dem Laptop oder Handy ist manchmal schwierig (dauert ab und zu 4-5min) Warum auch immer wird manchmal nur der rechte earbud verbunden und man muss 5-6x beide earbuds ins case zurück legen bis endlich beide Seiten verbunden sind Nach einer längeren Zeit sind die earbuds auch oft unbequem bzw. so hammerfest, wie es sollte sitzen sie auch nicht im Ohr. Sound ist ok aber nichts besonderes Dafür ist aber die Batterielaufzeit sehr gut! Aber für den Preis hätte ich deutlich mehr erwartet.

Background buzzing, bad mic, otherwise very powerful

They start buzzing as soon as you turn them on. The mic is mediocre at best. But if you don't mind the buzzing they are powerful and deliver sound I'd like to compare to Plantronics BackBeat Pro: very deep and lovely bass.

Unable to charge

At first I loved the product. Then one of the piece was not charging and this caused frustrations especially when the unit shuts down in middle of a run or a workout. I want to replace the product and need more guidance as to how to go about it.

Nearly flawless at first, but quality diminished after only 2 months

The headphones themselves are buillt very sturdily and are top quality. The charging box/case is built with solid metal and is built to last. The headphones come with 3 different earpiece sizes and "inside earpiece" sizes, meaning that the size of the actuals buds is very customizable. The sound quality is great, just what you would expect from a top-notch JBL product. The Bluetooth range is amazing and the actual battery lifetime of the buds is just as advertized. With the case fully charged, these headphones can last over 3 days of constant use (Have tested it, and I listen to music for at least 10 hours a day). However, after getting myself a pair of these headphones during June, since then, everything has only gone downhill. The headphones dont charge like theyre supposed to anymore. Nowadays I struggle to even turn them off inside the case, which they SHOULD be doing. At times, while inside the case, the light would turn red, indicating that they are turned off and charging. However, when looking at my phone and listenin to the case I can still hear my music playing. Not only that, but the cable to charge the case is unbelievably short. Ist not even close to 15 centimeters! When the charging ports of the case are pulled out, you can literally just wiggle it around and it feels like ist going to break off or snap at any minute. The headphones are VERY uncomfortable to wear! At times I have to take out my earbuds to let my ears rest a bit. Ive tried all the sizes and none of them worked for me. The rubber is hard and doesnt adjust well to the ears. Additionally, the earbuds sometimes "clog" my ears, giving off a VERY uncomfortable pressure in my ear. All in all, the headphones could use some further improvements. These are not worth your money! I highly recommend you instead buy other headphones, even Airpods are better than these and those are disgusting to look at.

Battery Life Issues

These headphones are a very good running headphone and you don't even feel that you have them in your ears. However my main problem with these headphones is the battery life is a major flaw. I got these thinking that they would be great for running and at work but they don't last. If the volume is up all the way the headphones won't last more than an hour. I don't know many people who like to workout with headphones on half volume. For the price these headphones are I truly expected more out of them.