Auriculares UA Sport Wireless React

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UA Sport Wireless React Headphones

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  • Almohadillas con pieza de enganche de máxima seguridad y fáciles de usar
  • Tecnología JBL® Charged Sound para una calidad de sonido ideal para el deporte con bajos impecables que marcan el ritmo de los entrenamientos
  • Tecnología Bluetooth fácil de conectar para un rendimiento sin cables ni distracciones
  • Autonomía de batería de hasta 9 horas con una carga de dos horas
  • Sonido JBL único de alta definición y micrófono con tecnología Talk-Thru & Ambient Aware diseñada para que los atletas no dejen de oír el ruido de ambiente exterior
  • Tecnología Talk-Thru diseñada para bajar el volumen de la música y activa los micrófonos optimizados con cancelación de ruido para que puedas hablar entre serie y serie sin quitarte los auriculares
  • Tecnología Ambient Aware que te permite seguir escuchando música durante el entrenamiento sin desconectar totalmente del ruido exterior
  • Tecnología UA Stormproof impermeable con grado IPX7 para proporcionar la protección contra el agua y el sudor definitiva para tus entrenamientos
  • Diseño de aluminio magnético para transportarlos cómodamente
  • Diseño Bluetooth® inalámbrico
  • Control de micrófono de cuatro botones
  • Cable duradero con clip para camisetas y ajuste regulable para una mayor seguridad
  • Incluye: 3 tamaños de almohadilla, 3 almohadillas con pieza de enganche, estuche de transporte con cremallera y cable de carga
  • ATENCIÓN: Este producto solo puede ser devuelto si es defectuoso.
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Resumen De Opinión

5 Valoracions y Reseñas

If Only They Worked

Great fit, comfortable, good bluetooth range, decent sound quality. The problem? The battery doesn’t last more than 4 freaking hours. No matter what way I charge them I never get more than 4 hours of use. Do you know how annoying it is to be 3.5 hrs into a 7hr run and have your headphones die?!

It's a great addition but...

So I have the wireless headphones and love them! they are light, smaller than some other popular brands, has simple features, durable, and you can clean the foam pieces that cover the ears. But I wanted to get something lighter for runs and less warm. So I bought these:) These are an upgrade in terms of technology to the Headphones. They are much simpler to link up with your phone or music device, they are waterproof (only tried it with sweat but I do sweat a lot in the desert), they are snug and have a loop for the ear crease so it stays in place, it is comfortable, the sound could be louder and have more treble but I also think its due to how snug the ear pieces fit into the ear that it blocks some of the sound, and it comes with a nice pouch. Some areas to see improved are to have a divider or pocket within the earphones pouch. last longer than 9 hours of music play (just cause I hate to think I have to charge it every day or other day), The way you put the neck strap; it feels either too long or too stiff (I would say that this is hard to explain because it depends what you wear, ie., shirt or tank top) but it can get in your way as your front squatting or running. Other than that, these things are awesome and works perfect for me. My last comment is that I wish under armour had a lifetime warranty that protects us from issues on all of their gear. I say this because although this is new, I want to make sure it works and lasts and not die out after the return window. This applies to there clothes too cause they say "Storm 3" and then you find out its not waterproof and your jacket or bag is jacked up; cant return it.

They look ok.

They fit me a bit big and they wouldn’t stay on. I was really upset they feel cheap, and the sound quality is not good. Very upset..

Doesn't stay in the ear well

I love the product the sound is crisp and clear, the one thing I do not like is they do not stay in my ear all that well. I've managed to figure out how to use them but at the same time not as comfortable as one would think they should be. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Worked well while they did

They worked well for about a week and a half. The sound quality was good and they did a nice job of blocked external noise of an in ear set. That said, within two weeks they would not turn on. Find yourself a more reliable alternative.